Other Products

Kitchen Backing

If you're looking to transform your new or old kitchen, kitchen glass backing are a stunning choice. Choose from different glass styles and finishes, for a clean, modern and contemporary look. Available for use in the kitchen, around range hoods and power points. Try to imagine a home with no tiles, no grout and no mould to keep clean. Why not add colour to your décor and provide a deep, lustrous and permanent finish with kitchen glass backing.

Back Painted Glass Panel


Make your bathroom seem larger and more spacious by adding a mirror. Made from 5mm, your mirror can be made to almost any size with power point cut-outs if required

We have a style of mirror to compliment any bathroom décor, including:

  • Joint Mirror
  • Beveled Edge - various size bevels are available

Joint Mirror - 5mm Clear Mirror
joint with 5mm Euro Grey Mirror
Joint Mirror -
5mm Clear Mirror
Joint Mirror -
Bronze Mirror
Joint Mirror + Bevel
Joint & Beveled Edge -
Clear Mirror
Joint Mirror -
Euro Grey Mirror
Joint of Bronze

Glass Staircase and Glass Railing

Glass Staircases/railing come in horizontal and vertical sheets configurations and sometimes, you need an expert to help you get the perfect staircase design before you commit to the job.

Glass Railing

Skylight Canopy

Skylights add natural lighting to dull, dark rooms by adding a skylight. It's a great way to add an exciting element to lackluster, lifeless rooms that need a little enhancement. It is system to remain with nature, be in natural light and have architectural view of the building.

Glass Skylight

Glass Showcase